Witness the quality of the material of the tents and choose the ROOF TOP TENTS, which you want and install today on the roof of your car

March 28, 2020

like you create trips or excursions on top of long distances, it is vital to snooze outside, if you are a lover of these experiences, I invite you to know each of the car tents that Autohome promotes, a page that adopts a precise industrial philosophy, based upon unassailable values of consistency, seriousness, and transparency, they choose abandoned air materials, develop even if respecting the environment, inspire adventure and outdoor life.

This Italian Company back the 1950s, have excelled in the designs, manufacturing, and marketing of indigenous products guaranteed and ascribed for their quality; they currently have more than 50 models of tents for vehicles, once ROOF TOP TENTS adaptable to the model.

For those who are looking for reliable, durable tents or roof tents, Autohome designs and produces it, inquires within its website, knows each of the details that they pay for you in the develop of your custom tent, in the thesame way, you can choose which of the ROOF top TENTS reach you want it to have, go ahead and get your tent today to your liking!

During these last 60 years, Autohome has demonstrated its participation in international fairs and the onslaught in supplementary markets (United States, Australia, Japan, and South Africa), its professionalism in bringing this Company to one of the best in Italy, not quite design and manufacturing. of tents for every kinds of cars.

Each tent they fabricate is tested beforehand, to guarantee reliability in their products, the ROOF summit TENTS, are specially selected for each design, bringing stability and tutelage from nasty sunlight and rain, which you can experience in any car trip you take.

Likewise, they are native Autohome products, fiberglass afterward truthful reference book techniques that guarantee an absolute vibes product, fiberglass is a particular woven fiber impregnated with liquid or polyester resinous substances.

as a consequence known as glass-reinforced plastic, these same materials are used in the vary ROOF summit TENTS, of each of the car tents manufactured by Autohome, for more than 50 years.

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